How to create a collage online, without Photoshop or other software

This is the easiest way of creating a collage from your pictures, and you don’t need any software! There is nothing wrong with using some software, of course, and you can process images better and add more effects, but what if you don’t have anything installed and you don’t want to spend your time looking for the right program?
Here is the solution:
I will try to explain each step. First, upload a few pictures, which you want to use for your collage. You can upload a few images at once. Do not exceed maximum size or resolution.

Next, click on the link „show” in order to see available backgrounds for your collage. The backgrounds have resolution of 1024 x 786 pixels, so the finished collage will have also the same resolution. It can also be used as a wallpaper on your computer!

Selected background will show up on the right side.

Next, if all images are uploaded and you selected one of the backgrounds, it is the time to open the collage. Click on the „create collage” link. Wait until new page opens and all pictures are shown. At the beginning they can be overlapping each other. Just click on a picture and drag it away. When you click on the corner of a picture, you can rotate and resize it.

A panel with available commands is shown at the top (it can also be dragged, try on the logo). With one click you can add a frame to the picture, or add a text to the collage.

Well, it’s almost done! If the collage is ready, just click the „Save” or „Export” button. The difference is the following: „export” opens another tab in your browser with finished collage, from where you need to save it (File/Save as); it is faster option, but the browser will save the image as png file; „save” needs to send whole finished collage to the server, what is slower, but then you will have the option to save the image as a jpg or as a png file.

Both options currently work only in Firefox or Opera browsers. Users of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or other browsers will have to save finished collage differently, via screenshot and crop in Paint for example.

Here’s the finished collage. Thanks, Oliwier!

There is great list of online image editing tools, but none of them provides such collage creation functionality, so I hope this will be useful.

Have fun and enjoy.


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