New version

Large part of users could not save any collage since they used Internet Explorer browser. I have written version no 2, which uses Flash, not canvas tag. Flash should be available for over 95% of users, and saving should be also faster. Try it now:

First page almost didn’t change (I added a resolution selection, what can be useful for someone creating a desktop wallpaper), but second page (creating the collage) has more changes: different menu, draggable windows, publishing and commenting of collages.

Just to remind I’ll describe the steps to create a collage, after images are uploaded.

Drag the corner to rotate/scale the image, or drag the image to move it.


You can add frames to pictures.


Adding texts works as before.


You can add some additional images to the collage – this function did not change.


Click „save” to save your collage. A new window will open up, where you have a link to download the collage, and a link to share the collage.

Option „collages” also opens this window, with last one and previous versions of your collage.


„Share” function will open new browser window, where you can set the title, author and short description of your collage. You can also choose whether you want your collage to be private or public, and if you want the visitors to be able to leave comments.


After publishing you should see 2 links: the upper one which you can copy and email to friends, and the bottom one, which is the secret link (only for You) to edit or delete the collage.


The collage which is published looks like the one below: with a title, description, visitor counter and a field for comments. You can see the example here. Commenting system uses Facebook Connect, so if you are logged in to Facebook, your comment and a link to the collage will show up in you Facebook status (if you leave this option on).f2-8

Enjoy! Try it now:



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