Make photo collage in Facebook

EDIT (May 16th, 2011): Fotonea Facebook application has been closed, due to low interest.

Fotonea now has a Facebook application, where you can create collage from your friends pictures.

Our application can work as a standalone website, using Facebook Connect to login –, or as an iframe application within Facebook: Because of that the canvas size is limited currently to 750 x 560 px, so it fits within the Facebook iframe. Larger canvas sizes will be added in future.

There are some issues still with the way login/logout work in such application, eg. after logout from iframe the user is redirected back to the application, and it looks like he is logged in, but selecting pictures does not work anymore, and only after refreshing the page the state is corrected. But otherwise all features work correctly, as far as I tested them.

You need to have „accept third-party cookies” enabled in your browser.

As usual with Facebook application, you have to give it some permissions when you log in for the first time (when you „install” it).

Fotonea Facebook permissions

Fotonea needs permission to access your:

  • basic information – needed by every application
  • posts in News Feed – needed only to check if you deleted a post about previously shared collage
  • offline access – needed to be able to keep user session offline, so you don’t have to log in every time you use the application
  • list of friends, your photos, your friends’ photos – needed for the core functionality – to browse albums, choose photos and create collages

The collages you created can be kept private and downloaded by you only, or can be shared via a post to your Wall, then your friends can see it and comment on it.

So enjoy, show off your creativity, just don’t piss off all your friends!

Sample collage



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