Update 2019

It was time to update Fotonea website after long time. Image upload was using Flash, which became less popular among desktop users. I re-coded Fotonea.com using only JavaScript. The way it works now:

  • Drag few pics from File Explorer (or Finder) to your browser where you have fotonea.com opened (or click Upload button)
  • No limit on number of images! But your browser may crash if you try more than 10 or 20
  • Move/rotate images, change backgrounds, add texts – create your collage
  • Click Download button!

You can also create collage on iPhone or iPad. Zooming in or out is a bit tricky, though. Remember, if you zoom in too much, you should be able to double tap to zoom out.

Download opens the collage in browser, then you have to tap and hold to save it to your images.




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