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Update 2019

It was time to update Fotonea website after long time. Image upload was using Flash, which became less popular among desktop users. I re-coded using only JavaScript. The way it works now:

  • Drag few pics from File Explorer (or Finder) to your browser where you have opened (or click Upload button)
  • No limit on number of images! But your browser may crash if you try more than 10 or 20
  • Move/rotate images, change backgrounds, add texts – create your collage
  • Click Download button!

You can also create collage on iPhone or iPad. Zooming in or out is a bit tricky, though. Remember, if you zoom in too much, you should be able to double tap to zoom out.

Download opens the collage in browser, then you have to tap and hold to save it to your images.



Now you can create a collage with up to 10 pictures for free

I’ve decided to make an early Christmas present for the users of Fotonea – online collage creator, and increased number of images which can be uploaded for free – now you can choose and upload up to 10 pictures!

The maximum image size stays the same: max 2MB and not larger than 3100px, so please remember to resize them on your computer before uploading.

Quick tip: press F11 to go full screen in your browser during arranging photos (in Windows).

Read again about creating the collage, and try by yourself – go to

Make photo collage in Facebook

EDIT (May 16th, 2011): Fotonea Facebook application has been closed, due to low interest.

Fotonea now has a Facebook application, where you can create collage from your friends pictures.

Our application can work as a standalone website, using Facebook Connect to login –, or as an iframe application within Facebook: Because of that the canvas size is limited currently to 750 x 560 px, so it fits within the Facebook iframe. Larger canvas sizes will be added in future.

There are some issues still with the way login/logout work in such application, eg. after logout from iframe the user is redirected back to the application, and it looks like he is logged in, but selecting pictures does not work anymore, and only after refreshing the page the state is corrected. But otherwise all features work correctly, as far as I tested them.

You need to have „accept third-party cookies” enabled in your browser.

As usual with Facebook application, you have to give it some permissions when you log in for the first time (when you „install” it).

Fotonea Facebook permissions

Fotonea needs permission to access your:

  • basic information – needed by every application
  • posts in News Feed – needed only to check if you deleted a post about previously shared collage
  • offline access – needed to be able to keep user session offline, so you don’t have to log in every time you use the application
  • list of friends, your photos, your friends’ photos – needed for the core functionality – to browse albums, choose photos and create collages

The collages you created can be kept private and downloaded by you only, or can be shared via a post to your Wall, then your friends can see it and comment on it.

So enjoy, show off your creativity, just don’t piss off all your friends!

Sample collage

Make collage for free

You can still make a collage for free with up to 6 images, but you can also create large collage with up to 20 photos for just 1$! Isn’t it affordable?

Trying to monetize my simple website I added a feature where a visitor can pay just 1$ and will be able to upload up to 20 pictures for a collage, and create as many of them as he can within 24h. I use PayPal (which should accept also credit cards, you don’t have to register) and Daopay for SMS payments. Due to SMS prices it may be a little below or little over 1$ in local currency. In addition to SMS Daopay supports also payments via normal phone, where you just call a premium number for specific time. Both payment types have been tested, but let me know if something doesn’t work.

The payment acceptance is stored in a cookie, since does not require registration, so don’t clear your browser’s cookies if you want to create a number of large collages.

Few stats

It’s been rather quiet on this blog in last couple of months. No new functions, but I’m preparing something…

Fortunately has been noted by few blogs, what increased number of visitors. Sources like,,,, and others described our web application and sent us many people so they could create their own collages. Thank you!

So the stats have been increasing recently:

Most of the blogs which mentioned as a collage maker are written in Spanish or Italian language, so most users come from Italy, Brasil or Mexico:

Also, thanks to translated user interface (which has a lot of errors, I’m sure) we score high in search results for some of the phrases:

For English we are not at the top 😉 but at the 7th place, so still first screen for over 3 million results, what is very good.

How to create Mother’s Day wallpaper

Using you can easily create not only beautiful collages, but also desktop wallpaper for Mother’s Day. Just upload a few pictures of yourself or your family and make unique wallpaper! See my example below – in this case I used a few photos of everyday food, so my Mother can see that I eat properly 😉

Mothers Day Wallpaper

Mothers Day Wallpaper

See shared wallpaper here. You should be able to comment it even (still testing this feature). Like it? Go create your own ->

New version

Large part of users could not save any collage since they used Internet Explorer browser. I have written version no 2, which uses Flash, not canvas tag. Flash should be available for over 95% of users, and saving should be also faster. Try it now:

First page almost didn’t change (I added a resolution selection, what can be useful for someone creating a desktop wallpaper), but second page (creating the collage) has more changes: different menu, draggable windows, publishing and commenting of collages.

Just to remind I’ll describe the steps to create a collage, after images are uploaded.

Drag the corner to rotate/scale the image, or drag the image to move it.


You can add frames to pictures.


Adding texts works as before.


You can add some additional images to the collage – this function did not change.


Click „save” to save your collage. A new window will open up, where you have a link to download the collage, and a link to share the collage.

Option „collages” also opens this window, with last one and previous versions of your collage.


„Share” function will open new browser window, where you can set the title, author and short description of your collage. You can also choose whether you want your collage to be private or public, and if you want the visitors to be able to leave comments.


After publishing you should see 2 links: the upper one which you can copy and email to friends, and the bottom one, which is the secret link (only for You) to edit or delete the collage.


The collage which is published looks like the one below: with a title, description, visitor counter and a field for comments. You can see the example here. Commenting system uses Facebook Connect, so if you are logged in to Facebook, your comment and a link to the collage will show up in you Facebook status (if you leave this option on).f2-8

Enjoy! Try it now:

How to create a collage online, without Photoshop or other software

This is the easiest way of creating a collage from your pictures, and you don’t need any software! There is nothing wrong with using some software, of course, and you can process images better and add more effects, but what if you don’t have anything installed and you don’t want to spend your time looking for the right program?
Here is the solution:
I will try to explain each step. First, upload a few pictures, which you want to use for your collage. You can upload a few images at once. Do not exceed maximum size or resolution.

Next, click on the link „show” in order to see available backgrounds for your collage. The backgrounds have resolution of 1024 x 786 pixels, so the finished collage will have also the same resolution. It can also be used as a wallpaper on your computer!

Selected background will show up on the right side.

Next, if all images are uploaded and you selected one of the backgrounds, it is the time to open the collage. Click on the „create collage” link. Wait until new page opens and all pictures are shown. At the beginning they can be overlapping each other. Just click on a picture and drag it away. When you click on the corner of a picture, you can rotate and resize it.

A panel with available commands is shown at the top (it can also be dragged, try on the logo). With one click you can add a frame to the picture, or add a text to the collage.

Well, it’s almost done! If the collage is ready, just click the „Save” or „Export” button. The difference is the following: „export” opens another tab in your browser with finished collage, from where you need to save it (File/Save as); it is faster option, but the browser will save the image as png file; „save” needs to send whole finished collage to the server, what is slower, but then you will have the option to save the image as a jpg or as a png file.

Both options currently work only in Firefox or Opera browsers. Users of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or other browsers will have to save finished collage differently, via screenshot and crop in Paint for example.

Here’s the finished collage. Thanks, Oliwier!

There is great list of online image editing tools, but none of them provides such collage creation functionality, so I hope this will be useful.

Have fun and enjoy.